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About me

I am a professional programmer based in Moscow. All my vacation time is spended in remote wild corners of Russia, untouched by civilization. On this website you can find my best photos and announcements of upcoming trips.

Born in Belarus, Mogilev. Graduate of MIPT, candidate of technical sciences. First steps in photography made in 2007, when I bought dslr camera Nikon D80. My enthusiasm about city landscape had been gradually replaced by passion for mountain landscape photography. This happened in 2008 in the Altai, during the first meeting with real snow-covered peaks. These mountains settled in my heart, and now every year I am drawn back to high mountain peaks and pristine glacial lakes. After many years of living in city and once visited mountains, it seems there is nothing better than contemplation of sunrise on the shore of mountain lake, not another soul for many miles.

Since 2011 I organize my own photo tours to remote wild places in Russia. My trips are not easy, but believe me, it's worth your efforts. You can join on of these tours, if you dare to :)

You can read more about me in the interviews for Russian Landscapists, RossianPhoto and Prophotos, and also you can listen audio interview for FotoLandscape (all in russian).


Landscape photographer of the year, Russian Landscape competition, 2011
1st place in architecture category, Best Photographer photo contest

About my equipment

Currently I use Sony A7R III camera with Sony and Tamron lens, covering focal distance range from 16 to 200 mm. This camera system brings excellent image quality and resolution, suitable for large format prints. At the same time relatively light weight of the system makes possible long autonomous travels to remote places.


e-mail: ermolitsky@gmail.com

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instagram: aermolitsky

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